Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2022-01-20T14:25:34-05:00


Can I print my photos myself, or do you offer printing services?2022-01-20T14:28:42-05:00

No – We do not print photos.

What are Videography service pricing price ranges for?2022-01-20T14:28:11-05:00

The Videography service pricing price range depending on what you require specifically for your project shoot.

How much does live streaming services cost?2022-01-20T14:28:01-05:00

We start at $2,500 for live stream

Will I be able to provide feedback to the video?2022-01-20T14:27:52-05:00

Yes – We allow clients to provide feedback to every draft until complete.

Do you have insurance?2022-01-20T14:27:44-05:00

Yes – We have insurance and will provide if needed for the job.

Is post-production editing included in Videography costs?2022-01-20T14:27:35-05:00

Yes – We typicaly edit the projects we shoot for clients.

How long does editing take?2022-01-20T14:27:27-05:00

On average editing takes 2-3 weeks, but can be done sooner than that if needed.

Do you edit or color grade the project video?2022-01-20T14:27:17-05:00

Sunchase Media edits and color grades your video after the video shoot.

How many Videographers will work on my project?2022-01-20T14:27:09-05:00

Depending on the project, but we like to have at least (2) people on set.

How much time does Videography take?2022-01-20T14:26:59-05:00

On average, video production takes around 4 to 8 hours per shoot. This includes recording 2 angles of each moment and getting all material required for production. Some video shoots may take longer depending on the video project’s needs and location.

Can you record a voiceover narrating my video?2022-01-20T14:26:42-05:00

Yes we can, videography projects can become more professional and unique in the editing suite using a voiceover in the video. We can provide voiceover samples upon request.

How much does Videography cost?2022-01-20T13:52:16-05:00

Videography costs vary depending on what you require specifically for your project shoot.

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